Conventional signs

For sunny site

For semi-shade location

For shade area

For dry soil

For normal soil

Damp soil and waterfront

Useful cut flowers


Good for potplant

Good for hanging basket

Patented variety

Leaf decorative

Attractive for insects


Growth Height

Growth width

Planting distance

Climate zone



Dear customers, all your orders placed on our old site are valid and subject to our usual processing. We decided that we would not transfer orders from the old online store to the new online store. Anyone creating a user account in a new online...

Dear garden owners, we are offering you a new e-shop at Here you can safely purchase a variety of horticultural material for planting, read growing instructions and browse through pictures of plants. You can browse and select the nearest Omniva parcel terminal for your...

Aiasõber is pleased to inform home gardeners that we have added more than 800 perennial flowers to our e-shop in our small whokesale assortment. 6 items per variety can be ordered as most of the products in this category are not sold individually. At present,...

In the coming spring, all our customers will have the opportunity to buy roses and peony bare root stock at a great price in our online store. Peonies are 30% off the regular price and roses 40% off. From the beginning of May, the same...

Aiasõber is pleased to announce that assortment list for next season is ready to meet our customers. We are proud to offer selection of pre-order bare rooted roses, lily bulbs, dahlia roots, paeonias and thousands of perennials. There are totally about 300 new varieties that...

Our partners in the Netherlands offer a very large selection of perennial flowers, including thousands and thousands of varieties of high ornamental value that are able to offer their beauty as garden plants in Estonian conditions. Due to the wide assortment of varieties, we do...